Wisconsin Open Carry Picnic Goes Well


This past Sunday afternoon, I was busy taking my final exam as a first year law student. However, if I had not found it necessary to spend the day focused on a thorough examination of the intricate and eerily beautiful mysteries of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, I would have been down in Onalaska Wisconsin.

Why Onalaska? Because that is where Wisconsin gun owners, emboldened by Attorney General Van Hollen’s recent memo making it clear that legal open carry of a handgun is protected by the Wisconsin constitution and not grounds for disorderly conduct charges, held a massive open carry picnic at the Marvin Gardens Park.

There was an astonishing turnout. According to picnic organizer Hubert Hoffman, there were 213 attendees who signed in, 99 of which were open carrying. He also noted that he served 100 hamburgers, 100 brats, and 50 hotdogs to those in attendance.

And in addition to the wonderful work done in educating Wisconsin gun owners about their under-exercised rights, the event also raised $830.85 for Wisconsin Badger Camp which offers outdoor recreational activities to those who are developmentally challenged. Read more

Source: Minneapolis Gun Rights Examiner


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