States Beginning to Resist Federal Intrusion


The epicenter of the earthquake you may have felt last month originated in Helena, Montana.

Several states  have passed so-called Tenth Amendment resolutions in recent years to protest the usurpation of power that the federal government has engaged in.  However, most of these resolutions have no teeth.

What Montana has done is to actually interpose itself so as to protect its citizens from the unconstitutional mandates that have been passed at the federal level.

Gary Marbut, a former GOA Board Member and the current head of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, is the intellectual author of this legislation.  He says that almost a dozen states are considering — or have already introduced — similar bills.  Marbut is expected to talk about the new law on Fox's Glenn Beck show this Friday (5 pm EST).

This effort is not the first act of interposition on Montana's part. This is the state that has effectively, by law, decreed that every law-abiding citizen within the state is authorized to carry a firearm within a school zone; the state that nullified the federal requirements of REAL-ID (read: National ID card); and which had even threatened to leave the union if the Supreme Court ruled against Second Amendment rights in the Heller case.

Source: Gun Owners of America


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