Two Stories from College, Two Different Endings


Story #1 comes from Middletown, CT, where 21-year-old Johanna Justin-Jinich will not see another birthday because a man identified by police as Stephen Morgan shot her dead on May 6 at an off-campus bookstore café. Morgan was caught by a surveillance camera with a gun in his hand.

Alarming about this tale is that two years ago, Justin-Jinich filed a harassment complaint against Morgan when the two were attending a summer school session in New York. Published reports say the 29-year-old suspect had sent the woman “dozens of insulting e-mails” and had called her repeatedly on the telephone.

Police found a journal in Morgan’s car that suggested he planned to murder the young woman, and then go on a campus shooting spree
Police responding to the fatal shooting of a Wesleyan University student found a journal with an entry saying “I think it okay to kill Jews and go on a killing spree” and “Kill Johanna. She must Die,”
He is in custody, charged with murder, and she is dead, and it is not because the college campus environment is safer without guns. There is no way of knowing if this young woman might have availed herself of a firearm for personal protection, but on college campuses around the nation, and in the immediate surrounding neighborhoods, guns are frowned upon by the PC set because, as we all know, there is some sort of moral superiority to being a murder victim, rather than a survivor whose attacker is found lying dead because he made a fatal error in the victim selection process. 

And that brings us around to Story #2, from College Place, GA where ten college students were celebrating a birthday party at an off-campus apartment early on May 3 when two thugs came crashing in. One of these gentlemen was later identified by police as 23-year-old Calvin Lavant Jr., and he will not be doing home invasion robberies anymore. Read more

Source: Seattle Gun Rights Examiner


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