A Semiautomatic, Sir, and Pass the Ammo


Times are scary, and south of Boston and across the state, gun sales are up.

Firearms of all types are in demand as well as the ammunition to feed them. Customers run the gamut from the seasoned hunter and skilled marksman to the novice. Training classes for new gun owners are not only full but booked months into the future.

Eric Goldman, president of the Braintree Pistol & Rifle Club's executive board, said training class enrollment has gone up dramatically over the last several months.

“Classes are required of all new owners,” Goldman said. “It teaches safe gun handling. We offer new members' classes once a month, and used to have from 30 to 35 people take them. Right now, our classes are 70 to 75.”

The Braintree club boasts more than 3,000 members. “It's gone up lately because of new gun users,” Goldman said.

Firearms dealers and other experts attribute the increase in gun sales to a couple of factors. The first is concern over the resurgence of the Democrats in Washington after years of Republican dominance. Some fear the change could result in the reinstatement of a past assault weapons ban put in place during the Clinton administration. That ban, which barred the sale of certain automatic weapons, expired in 2004 under President George W. Bush. Read more

Source: boston.com



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