Texas May Test State Sovereignty Over Firearms


A Texas state representative has set his sights on having Texas-made firearms exempt from some federal laws.

As the Star-Telegram reported, “Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler)…has filed a bill to make guns, ammunition and gun parts that are made, sold and kept in Texas free from federal regulation. That would exempt them from federal gun registration, dealer licensing rules and buyer background checks. State laws would still apply.”

“This [bill] does two things,” Berman told the Star-Telegram. “It tests our sovereignty in relationship to the federal government, and it would attract new small gun manufacturers to the state to manufacture certain types of weapons and ammunition that are only used in intrastate commerce.”

“Lawmakers say the federal government regulates firearms and ammunition through its power to regulate interstate commerce. If Texas prevents those products from leaving the state, federal officials’ arguments for regulating them are rendered moot, state lawmakers say.”

Similar bills have surfaced in both Alaska and Montana. Currently, Berman’s bill is under consideration by the House Public Safety Committee.

Source: Made in TX, Star-Telegram 5/4/09




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