Representative Attempting to Alter Ohio Firearm Law


ST. MARYS — For the second time in two years, an area legislator is attempting to change the concealed and carry law via a new bill. State Rep. John Adams, R-Sidney, last week introduced House Bill 129 — a measure that seeks to change the current concealed and carry law.

The proposal would not require residents who are legally allowed to carry, possess and purchase firearms to obtain a permit to do so. Other changes include stripping the stipulation requiring permit holders to carry the permit while carrying a firearms as well as informing approaching law enforcement officials that a person is carrying a concealed weapon.

“I introduced this last year in the General Assembly and it only had one committee hearing,” Adams said. “We made some changes to it.”

Adams said the most glaring change comes in the form of stripping the requirement of obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The change, Adams said, is aimed at protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens.

“You still have to go through the training and keep the paper that says you went through the training,” Adams said. “All it does is eliminate the licensing aspect, but it does allow you to choose to go through that process. It's a hybrid — you can do either.”

The bill, which Adams likened to the Alaska-style Carry, also repeals mandates for re-qualification. The proposal also would allow the weapons to be carried on college campuses.
“Vermont has no licensing aspect whatsoever,” Adams said. Read more

Source: The Evening Leader



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