Concealed Carry: TacoMac Robbery Thwarted


The attempted robbery early Sunday at the TacoMac in Virginia-Highland marks the first such incident for the TacoMac chain, which opened in 1979, according to the Tappan Restaurant Group.

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Spokeswoman Susie Oddo confirmed that an employee taking out trash after 3 a.m. Sunday morning was confronted by a gunman, who then entered the back of the restaurant on Virginia Avenue while holding a gun to the employee. At that time, the manager on duty, whose name has not been released, was cleaning in front of the restaurant when he saw what was unfolding inside. The manager rushed to his car to get his licensed gun, she said.

According to authorities, the manager fired shots at the gunman. The would-be robber fled and may have been injured.

No employees were hurt in the incident and Oddo said Tappan is working with police to apprehend the suspect. Read more

Source: Atlanta-Journal Constitution

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