First Look: Anderson Kiger-9c Compact Polymer Pistol

First Look: Anderson Kiger-9c Compact Polymer Pistol

Anderson Manufacturing has just announced its first handgun, the Kiger-9c compact polymer 9mm concealed carry pistol.

Anderson Manufacturing has recently expanded its catalog to include the company’s first handgun, the Kiger-9c. Completely made in America, this new pistol is a fairly standard polymer-framed striker-fire 9mm designed for concealed carry.


Anderson describes the Kiger-9c as having an original frame, and while it does bear Anderson’s logo, it appears to be otherwise identical to the SCT 19 frame made by SCT Manufacturing. Considering that builders have been giving these frames generally positive reviews since it was released, however, that’s not an issue. The frame features aggressive texturing throughout, covering everything from the grip to the trigger guard to the thumb and forefinger rests. It also features an extended beavertail, an undercut trigger guard, front and rear slide serrations and of course a standard Picatinny rail for accessories. The magazine well is also beveled to assist with reloads.


Essentially another Gen3 Glock 19 clone, the Kiger-9c is compatible with most Gen3 G19 components and accessories. That certainly includes magazines, and the standard Kiger ships with one 15-rounder standard with a 10-round option also available for states with restrictions. Anderson doesn’t specify whether the new pistol will be compatible with existing Gen3 Glock 19 holsters, but if it isn’t, UM Tactical already offers a Kydex IWB/OWB option specifically molded for the Kiger.


Anderson Manufacturing VP, Charles Anderson, said this about the Kiger-9c:

For almost 70 years, Anderson Manufacturing has been a leader in precision manufacturing and innovation…While known for our lower receivers and rifles, we saw an opportunity to apply our unrivaled engineering and technology to a new design and deliver a high-quality, ultra-reliable and value-priced handgun to the market. The Kiger is the next step in our continued commitment to developing exceptional firearms at an affordable price, and we’re proud to offer gun owners a handgun that is 100% American made and 100% Anderson.

The Kiger-9c has an MSRP of $429, and while less expensive and arguably more feature-rich than a real Gen3 Glock, it appears that it will have some stiff competition from Palmetto State Armory. The PSA Dagger has already been on the market for some time and fills the same niche as the Kiger-9c, the major differences being that the standard Dagger has an MSRP of $299 and that PSA offers Dagger variants with threaded barrels and optics-ready slides. On its face, it appears that PSA’s take on the Glock provides more for less than Anderson’s, but time will tell which proves more popular with concealed carriers.

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  2. I thought the same thing about the P80 frame when I first saw one. After beating the tar out of one for the better part of three years it still hasn’t broken though. (and i still wouldn’t even consider it for edc but sometimes they are more durable than they look)


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