First Look: CZ Shadow 2 Compact

First Look: CZ Shadow 2 Compact

Just released, the CZ Shadow 2 Compact squeezes the performance of a competition pistol into a carriable package.

Who doesn’t love the supreme shootability of a race gun? They are purpose-built to shoot well, after all, but they’re also too big to carry concealed. If you’ve been looking for a competition-style pistol that you can stick in your belt, CZ has just launched the Shadow 2 Compact, a shrunken version of the company’s flagship sport pistol now more suitable for concealed carry.


For the most part, the CZ Shadow 2 Compact is just a smaller and lighter variant of the CZ Shadow 2 OR (optics-ready) model. While still a DA/SA 9mm, this means that it now sports a 4-inch barrel rather than a 4.89-inch barrel, a shorter grip that holds flush-fit 15-round magazines rather than 17-round mags and a 7075 aluminum frame rather than a steel one. That last point reduces the pistol’s weight by over 16 ounces, bringing its total unloaded weight to 30 ounces as opposed to 46.5 ounces for the standard version. Still mighty hefty, but manageable.


As mentioned, the CZ Shadow 2 Compact features an optics-ready slide, and it uses the same mounting plates as the full-size model. For those who prefer irons, the pistol ships with a fiber-optic front sight too. Left-handed shooters will also appreciate the ambidextrous manual safety and swappable magazine release, both of which are low-profile.


CZ has not yet published an MSRP, but the Shadow 2 Compact is available now and street prices are between $1,300 and $1,500.

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  1. I own Shadow 2’s but I wouldn’t carry a compact version. I’d say this will find a place in IDPA Carry Optics division or SSP.


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