Couples Counseling For Concealed Carriers

If you’re a concealed carrier and have a partner, you could both likely benefit from practicing more effective communication in high-stress environments.
S&W Model 350 feature

Smith & Wesson Launches Model 350 In .350 Legend

Smith & Wesson has just launched the S&W Model 350, a new DA/SA revolver chambered for the fast-moving .350 Legend cartridge.

Carrying Full-Size Handguns

Are full-size handguns too big to carry? Sometimes small CCW pistol options are limited, so you need to know how to make do with what you have.
Sig P365-XMACRO Feature

First Look: Sig Sauer P365-XMACRO

Sig Sauer has just released the P365-XMACRO pistol, a new member of the P365 family that boasts a 17+1 capacity of 9mm.

Best .44 Magnum Revolvers: A Buyer’s Guide

Browsing .44 Magnum revolvers? There are plenty of good options for this big-bore cartridge, but here’s how to select the best model for your needs.

Carry Light, Carry Right: Concealed Carry Tips

Some tips on gear selection and methodology for a more comfortable concealed carry experience.
MCP35 PI feature

First Look: EAA Girsan MCP35 PI

EAA has just announced the importation of the Girsan MCP35 PI, a short-barreled Browning Hi Power clone designed for concealed carry.

Simple 1911 Upgrades

These simple 1911 upgrades can improve the feel and performance of your 1911 with little to no hand-fitting required.

First Look: Langdon Tactical HK Pistols

Langdon Tactical has just partnered with Heckler & Koch to offer customizations for the HK P30 and P2000 pistol series.
10mm 1911 Ronin feature

Power On The Cheap: Best Affordable 10mm 1911 Options (2022)

The 10mm 1911 typically commands a king's ransom, but not the six we hunted out.

Carry Guns For The Modern Era

Top picks for your first, or fifth, carry gun.

8 On-Target Concealed Carry Insurance Options (2022)

Eight major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed.
VIS feature

FB Radom Now Exporting VIS-100 M1 Pistols To The U.S.

A new 9mm optics-ready pistol from Poland, the FB Radom VIS-100 M1 is now being imported and will be available later this month.

SAR 2000 Review: A Turkish Take On The Czech Classic

When it comes to budget CZ-75 clones, the SAR 2000 wins.
22 mag feature

.22 Magnum Pistol: What’s Available In Semi-Auto (2022)

The .22 Magnum pistol is a rare bird, but we pick four top options in the caliber to satiate even the most finicky rimfire fan.

Top 11 Most American Guns Of All Time

Here are the top 10 American guns that changed design and world history.


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