Video: Flashlights And Weapon Lights Techniques

Video: Flashlights And Weapon Lights Techniques

Flashlights and weapon lights are key parts of any carry kit, but take some knowhow to use efficiently in conjunction with a defensive handgun.

In a self-defense situation, you have to identify a threat and confirm it’s a threat before you take action. Low-light situations this becomes tricky. Which is why, in some form, you need a light source as part of your everyday carry kit, because you can’t just take a shot in the dark. On top of that, you need to know how to use them so you get the most out of the devices, while not hindering your proficiency with your defensive handgun.

Not the simplest task, especially with a flashlight, since you have to juggle it and your handgun. While there are many theories on the most efficient way to manage these pieces of equipment, Richard Mann goes through one technique meant to maximize both. Weapon lights, which attach directly to a pistol rail, eliminate this conundrum, freeing both hands. But even here you’re not out of the woods. In particular, finding the right gear—especially a holster—that’s compatible with your pistol/light combo can prove a challenge.

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