Video: Competition-Proven Aguila Ammunition


Aguila Ammunition is making a name for itself as the choice of serious shooters. Find out how this ammo, born south of the border, is earning its stripes with the pros on competition circuits.

It’s a common misconception that all rimfire ammunition is equal. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like all ammo, regardless of caliber, quality in engineering and manufacturing play incredibly consequential roles in a rimfire round’s performance. If it’s made right, it will shoot right. Perhaps few understand the importance of consistently performing ammunition like Pro Shooter John Nagel. The three-time USPSA and SCSA Grand Master actively searched for superior competition ammunition and found it hands down in Aguila.

In the above video, Nagel recounts how the Mexican manufacturer’s ammo rose to the top of his potential competition options. This included an extensive torture test of the ammo in which it performed beyond his expectations. He also delves into the minutia of what makes high-performing competition ammunition and why Aguila ticked off all the boxes for him.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of Nagel’s discussion with Gun Digest Digital Editor Luke Hartle is exactly what type of Aguila Ammunition he shoots. Spoiler, it’s not special rounds specifically cooked up for him — it’s straight off Aguila’s assembly line.

Watch the video to get the inside scoop on Aguila Ammunition, John Nagel and competitive shooting ammo. Also check out more great gear reviews and shooting tips at Gun Digest’s YouTube page.

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