Video: Torture Testing SIG Sauer’s ROMEO1 Red-Dot


Giving the ROMEO1 a rough once over, Richard Mann tries to find out if the red-dot is as rugged as SIG claims.

Once known strictly as a gunmaker, SIG Sauer has branched out in recent years, offering a complete suite of accessories and ammunition. Perhaps one of the company’s more exciting endeavors came in 2016, with the introduction of optics, from high-tech long-range riflescopes to lightning-fast reflex sights.

Of these, the Romeo 1 Red-Dot has stolen its share of the limelight. In part, this is due to the miniature reflex sight’s inclusion as a factory-installed accessory on a number of SIG pistols. But it’s more than simply a perk. It’s a performer.

Featuring a molded glass aspheric lens, with high-performance coatings for superior light transmission and zero distortion, the ROMEO1 is designed for fast target acquisition. And the sight’s 3 MOA red-dot, with 50 MOA of elevation and windage adjustment and multiple intensity settings, helps it deliver once the target is found. Too boot, the ROMEO1 is smart as a whip, powering up when it senses motion and down when it doesn’t. Simply put, the sight is built for action and is ready for it the moment the shooter draws.

Of course, trepidation remains among some about slapping a unit like the ROMEO1 on a pistol, particularly one holstered for self-defense. While there is evidence red-dots enhance accuracy, there are qualms concerning their ability to stay on target through the bump and shuffle of everyday carry. An understandable apprehension, one Richard Mann lays to rest in the above video.

The Gun Digest writer manhandles the ROMEO1, mounted on a SIG P226 RX Compact, with the gusto typicaly reserved for a malfunctioning vending machine. The results, well, the video speaks volumes to the red-dot’ s resiliency — not to mention Mann’s arm.

Given the manufacturing quality of SIG in general and ROMEO1 in particular, ruggedness shouldn’t be a question. What should: whether you can get your pistol on target no matter what.

Editor's Note: This video is one of several that were created during a torture test of Sig Sauer P320 series pistols. Stay tuned for more videos, and keep an eye out for Richard Mann's full article in an upcoming issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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  1. What a waste of my time reading this crap. Wow, did he really rack the slide using the sight?!? So abusive! Toss it on some soft hay? I have no idea how smacking the gun on wood abuses the sight. Maybe another test could be knocking it off your nightstand onto the carpet? I guess we’ll have to wait for that in Part 2 LOL.

    How about giving it some actual hard use? Drop it on concrete a few times? Maybe holding the gun and pounding on something using the sight?

  2. Is this serious? ‘abused it in every way possible’? That can’t be serious. The slow motion made it even worse. Gun Digest should be able to come up with some better ‘torture’ tests than tapping the pistol on a piece of wood and tossing it into a cut hay field.


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