Video: Things To Consider In Your First Handgun


Getting a solid handle on the different makes and models will make your first gun all the more practical and enjoyable.

First kiss. First car. First gun. Nothing quite compares to each. Though the last can prove the most bewildering to get right.

The simple fact is, there’s a lot of guns available. With that, comes a lot of confusion over which exactly will serve your needs best. When you become more seasoned, figuring out these differences seems trivial. For most, a quick glance and you’ll determine the end use of a particular model. If you’re among the newly anointed, it’s not so easy. At first glimpse, range candy might appear the perfect carry option, until it’s sticking out like a polymer carbuncle on your hip.

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More than anything, buying your first gun – and doing it correctly – is a matter of taking time. Time to understand your needs as a shooter. Time to study the options to best serve your needs. Time to test and find out what exactly fits you best.

This is a difficult prospect. Not so much that it’s complicated, but that it takes a modicum of self-control to see it through. A tall task if you’re falling in love with a blue-steel beauty shimmering under gun counter glass.

Talk to the employees at a reputable gun store. Read reviews on the makes and models you’re interested in. And make a hole in your schedule to find a range that rents guns and shoot the ones you’ve got your eye on. Do this and your first gun won’t be your last, but it will most like be enduring.


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