Video: Successfully Reading A Sporting Clays Station


Champion shooter Cory Kruse's tips for sporting clays success.

Watch any professional sport sooner or later there’s a “How’d-they-do-that” moment. Maybe it’s an NFL quarterback finding a seam in lockdown coverage or an MLB slugger divining the sweet spot on a wicked slider. Either way, they create magic in what otherwise seems an impossible situation.

Easy to chalk up to pure unadulterated athletic skill, there’s perhaps a more important element in their success — insight. Tens of thousands of hours spent honing their craft, athletes cultivate the innate ability to know when a receiver has a step and how to read the seams of a baseball. Shooting sports are no different. The good thing for recreational and club shooters, a little forethought stepping into the box and they too can develop the acumen to bust clays like they’re shooting with radar.

Cory Kruse has a solid handle on reading a sporting clays station, and the hardware to prove it. Texas and U.S. Open champion, the pro makes dusting doubles look simpler than yelling “pull” and chalks up much of his success entering a station with a plan. Breaking down a cross pair for Gun Digest Editor-in-Chief Luke Hartle, Kruse provides his step-by-step analysis and technique for making certain blue rock doesn’t escape unscathed. Overall, his pointers are simple, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a challenge.

There’s a difference between knowing and executing. The latter taking range time to make it concept transform into action. A fair share of misses must be endured to excel in trap, skeet or sporting clays. The plus side of the process, practice means shooting, which rarely proffers many complaints. 

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