Video: Determining Hold Point In Sporting Clays


Determining your hold point at a sporting clays station gets you in position for success.

Lacking the symmetry of skeet and the orderliness of trap, the ambiguity of sporting clays is among its most daunting aspects. Even on a course where you’re an old hand, you can never quite feel like you have a complete handle on where that blue rock will fly. The real twist to this all, to consistently gun down doubles and regularly mark improvement, you need the ability to anticipate your shot.

Knowing where you’ll initially acquire a clay before smashing into a hundred glorious pieces would make things plenty easier on this front. Luckily, David Miller has a trick up his sleeve that eliminates much of the guesswork in determining where to position yourself for the greatest success. It’s simply a matter of finding the thrower and where you’ll shoot the clay, then dividing up the field to determine your hold point — where you’ll actually start tracking a clay with your gun.

It sounds like a mouthful in digital ink, but the Aguila Ammunition pro-shooter and World Record holder for most clays broken in an hour gives a quick and dirty method for fractionalizing a station in the above video. On the front end, this sort of analysis seems like using a cannon to kill a mosquito. But in action, it simplifies breaking blue rock to the level of near intuition. And that’s what you want.

Sure, it takes time to read a station, order it in your mind’s eye and determine your hold point. But if you do, you’ll be the one dealing chaos, not the station.

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