Video: Pros And Cons Of Different Carry Positions


There are pros and cons to every carry position, knowing them ahead of time will help you figure out what is best for you.

To sum up, going armed, it’s a trial of considerations and compromises. Considering an extremely compact pistol, you’ll most likely compromise on capacity. Inversely, pondering a full-sized option, expect to concede on the style of carry and perhaps comfort – depending on your lifestyle. Nowhere else does consideration and compromise manifest itself more definitely than the position you carry your defensive handgun.

Whether you’re talking inside the waistband, outside the waistband, 3 o’clock, appendix, what have you, each one involves a compromise of some kind you’ll need to consider. On the bright side, they also offer advantages for particular applications.

The tough part in choosing a carry position, conversely a holster tailored to it, you’re pretty much flying blind at first. Certainly, if you’re thinking along the lines of concealed carry, you’ll know going in you’ll most likely be better served with an IWB style of carry and holster. However, there’s more minutia to it. If you sit for long periods, a hybrid-holster positioned at 5 o’clock might become a literal pain in the back, and an appendix rig could impede your draw stroke. Neither good.

Learn How To Run Your Defensive Pistol:

Trial and error, plenty of it, generally becomes the rule in choosing a carry position and the holster that best accommodates it. To be sure, many don’t want to hear that particular line of thinking. But the sooner you accept you’ll at the very least end up with a few, if not a closet-full, of holsters that just didn’t work out in the position you carried them, the sooner you’ll find the combination that will.

Aside from understanding some of the basic pros and cons of carry position Richard Mann spells out in the video, an openness to experiment does a lot to get you to the promised land. You never know what’s actually going to work for you until you give it a try.

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