Video: Practicing Your Draw Without Unholstering Your Handgun

Video: Practicing Your Draw Without Unholstering Your Handgun

You can still practice the majority of your draw stroke even at ranges that don’t allow you pull from your holster.

You needn’t be a High Master marksman to figure out the shooting range isn’t real life. In some terms, it’s about as far away from practical shooting as “Call of Duty” is from actual combat. And it further hamstrings shooters — particularly armed citizens and competitive pistol shooters — with limitations on important aspects of training.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about drawing a handgun. If you’re lucky enough to have a range in your hip pocket that allows you to go through the full range of motion — from holster to shot — hang on to it (also thank the management). For most of us, given space and liability constraints, these little slices of paradise are few and far between. But even if you can’t draw completely at your local run-of-the-mill paper-punching palace doesn’t mean it’s devoid of all practical preparational potential.

Even in the most restrictive environments, handgun shooters can still execute a good amount of a draw stroke while obeying house rules. The secret, as Mark Rahl points out in the above video, is to punch out before every shot. By the Aguila Ammunition pro shooter’s estimates, pressing the handgun from the chest accounts for nearly 50 percent of a draw stroke. And it might be argued it’s the more important half, given shooters hack away a consistently bringing the handgun to their natural point of aim, as well as develope a fast and precise sight picture.

You bet, working to get a handgun from gun leather is as vital as a smooth trigger press. But just because your range nixes drawing isn’t an excuse to neglect the other part of putting your gun into action.

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