Video: Aguila Ammunition’s New Sport Shooting Shotgun Loads


When you knock a pheasant out of the sky or shoot a duck on the wing, there’s likely a 12-gauge on your shoulder. It’s hard to frown upon this. The large bore is the Swiss Army Knife of shotguns, easy to favor because it plain gets the job done.

Unfortunately, the 12’s dominance in the modern era has overshadowed some classy and downright exciting gauges, well worth consideration. For some still, you’re not shooting upland unless you’re at the business end of a 28-gauge. And the .410, those yearning for a challenge, this small bore delivers. This goes for sport shooting as well.

The steady-nerved games of small-gauge and sub-small-gauge skeet put these bores and their shooters to the test. But it requires more than a fine gun and quick reaction time to dominate. Quality loads also play a role in owning the high and low house throws — a fact of which Aguila Ammunition is more than aware.

Best known for its Mini Shells, the ammo manufacturer has turned its attention to small-gauge shotgun games in 2018, releasing a full suite of shells tailored to breaking clays. Luke Hartle gets the rundown at the 2018 SHOT Show from Aguila pro shooter Derrick Mein. What the Gun Digest Editor-in-Chief discovers is if your score isn’t improving with Aguila in the chamber, you’d better start working on your swing.

Hardened shot, optimized powered, high quality hulls — the ammo maker has put together everything you need to own the range.

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