Video: Mastering A Fast And Effective Pistol Reload


Among the most import fundamentals of pistolcraft is executing a timely and efficient reload. Here's how.

Mastering your pistol isn’t simply a matter of how consistently you hit the mark. Equally as vital is how competently you manipulate your handgun. Operate the slide, clear malfunctions and, of course, reloading – all must be executed in a timely and efficient manner. These might sound easy as pie, but accomplishing them with any semblance of aptitude takes know-how and practice. Especially if you inject any sort of adrenaline into a situation.

Perhaps one of the most import skills and one of the earliest to focus on is the reload. Champion shooter Mark Redl focuses on reloading in a competitive situation in the above video, however, the points he hits upon are applicable to most circumstances. Particularly, his emphasis on working within the headbox.

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This is a challenge for many new shooters since holding a pistol in front of the face feels unnatural. Early on, most have a tendency to drop their arms and execute a reload at or below chest level. This is a detriment for a couple of reasons. Foremost, you can’t see what you’re doing as well down low as you can up high. In turn, you run a chance of slowing down or fudging the reload. Either way, not good. A little more nuanced disadvantage, working outside the headbox takes your eyes away from the target. Whether you're talking competition or self-defense, this is a bad habit to fall into, one that can cost you dearly.

While it might not be as thrilling as drilling center mass over and over, pistol reloads and other fundamental pistol manipulations are key to becoming a better shooter. It’s well worth your time to make sure sharpening these skills are part of your practice routine.

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