Video: Lucas Oil Kicks Gun Maintenance Into High Gear


Lucas Oil helps shooters find an extra gear when it comes to gun maintenance with a full suite of gun solvents, oils and cleaning products.

Slice it however you like, but cleaning your gun isn’t a ticker-tape parade. Sure, there’s the satisfaction you got the job done and your faithful shooting steel is clean and slicked up enough to attend a wedding. But if you’re honest with yourself, you’d have much rather cracked open a cold one, kicked up your feet and contemplated that afternoon’s beauty run at the trap range. About the only way gun cleaning can become intriguing is if it’s done faster and with less effort.

Lucas Oil might have found a way. Applying years of automotive lubrication knowhow, Lucas has jumped into the firearms maintenance game with a full suite of specialty cleaning products and gun oils. And for a bunch of gearheads, they seem right on target when it comes to firearms.

Gun Digest Editor-in-Chief Luke Hartle checks out what Lucas brings to the table in the above video and walks away fairly impressed. For example, a brief dip in Extreme Duty Bore Solvent and Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner and a fouled choke comes away clean, not in minutes, but seconds. Hartle isn’t the only one to have taken notice of this level of effectiveness. Quick as a drag race, a growing number of gunmakers have made Lucas the recommended brand for maintenance on their guns.

It really does appear Lucas has found an extra gear when it comes to gun maintenance.

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