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Every shooter should own a good gun cleaning kit, luckily there are many on the market today, but they don’t help you answer the question, how do I go about cleaning my gun? This download looks at gun cleaning for the popular AR-15. Learn how to clean a rifle, featuring expert advice from Patrick Sweeney on AR-15 gun cleaning supplies, rifle cleaning and rifle cleaning kits for the modern sporting rifle. Included as a bonus is the AR-15 Exploded Gun Drawing to assist with basic AR-15 parts.

You’ll learn:

• How to assemble an effective gun cleaning kit

• The best gun cleaning solvent for the AR-15

• Gun cleaning supplies for modern sporting rifles

• Expert tips to make sure your rifle or carbine is reliable

• Bonus: Gun parts schematic for the AR-15-A2!

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Use only copper-removing bore solvents in the bore. The various “powder” solvents do little or nothing on copper deposits in the bore, and the copper solvents, combined with a good brushing, wash away powder deposits.

Use brass or plastic brushes on the bore of the rifle, not stainless. Buy the correct-sized cleaning patches, 100% cotton. Cotton patches hold solvents better than synthetics.

Using the wrong size “because it’s cheap” or cutting down too-big patches is a recipe for hassle or disaster. If too small they won’t clean well, and you may lose one in the bore. Too big, and you might wedge one (still secured to the cleaning rod) in the bore, or worse yet it might come off, which can be an expensive error to correct.

Ned once had to rebuild a rifle for a shooter. The fellow had been diligently doing the correct barrel break-in procedure on his expensive new barrel. Unbeknownst to him, the sectioned cleaning rod unscrewed and left the cleaning rod tip and patch in the bore. The next shot? Bulged barrel, busted bolt, heartache and expense.

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