Video: Learning To Effectively Shoot On The Move

Video: Learning To Effectively Shoot On The Move

Making you more effective in competition and self-defense, learning to shoot on the move should be a part of every shooter's toolbox.

Dynamic shooting, above and beyond basic marksmanship, it’s imperative it's part of your toolbox. The ability to shoot on the move is invaluable, whether you're talking about self-defense or competition. But to shoot and scoot properly, maintaining accuracy, takes some consideration and a good handle on technique.

The tricky part of staying on target while moving is keeping your handgun level, thus preserving your shot-to-shot accuracy. It doesn’t take a practical pistol champion to figure out the simple motion of walking jostles your aim point wildly, so much so it becomes difficult to even hit the broadside of a barn. Countering this, however, is counterintuitive. Namely, because it depends on the appendages furthest from your handgun – your legs.

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Simple as it sounds, putting some bend in your knees goes a long way in maintaining accuracy while shooting on the move. Think of it as making them shock absorbers.
The more bend, within reason, the more give your knees will have, in turn, the more stable a platform you’ll provide your torso and arms. Watch the above video of champion shooter Mark Redl for a top-notch example.

Similar to everything concerning guns, shooting on the move isn’t something you’ll master overnight. It requires patience and dedication to hone your technique and see the skill through to perfection. But a willingness to improve your dynamic shooting ability pays you back, whether in a match or a self-defense situation.

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