Video: IWI Introduces the New Galil ACE

Video: IWI Introduces the New Galil ACE

It’s been quite a few years since the Galil has been available in the U.S. market. But that’s soon about to change.

In the above video, Casey Flack of Israel Weapons Industries showcases the next generation of the Galil at the NASGW Expo. And by his estimations, fans of the firearm won't have to wait long to handle the Galil ACE, with the gun set hit American shores around April 2015.

Actually, fans of the AK variant will have a tough choice to make come spring, given there are two models of the firearm set to be released.

IWI is introducing the Galil ACE 32, a full-sized model of the 7.62×39 rifle with a 16-inch barrel. It is also releasing the ACE 31, an 8.3-inch barreled pistol version with a SB15-type brace system.

Much of the early press on the new Galil has centered around IWI addressing one of the main complains about the firearm – its weight. The new carbine weighs in at 7.5 pounds, quite a bit lighter than the original.

Part of the weight issue was due to the original Galil being modeled after another AK variant, the Finnish Rk 62. Like the Rk 62, the older Galil had completely milled upper and lower receivers. The company trimmed some of the weight on the new firearm by opting for a polymer lower.

IWI has thrown in a lot of other refinements shooters will most likely love, as well. One that jumps out right away is the gun’s charging handle has been moved to the left side, making it easier for right handers to juice the firearm.

IWI has also put a dust cover over the port where the handle runs, a pretty slick feature. This should keep the gun running much cleaner, keeping dust, mud and debris out of the receiver.

The only piece of info not to come out yet is what the firearms will be priced.

Check out of the rest of the video to see what else is in store from the new Galil. Suffice to say, those who love AKs will most likely find a lot to like about the new Galil ACE.

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