Video: Importance of Magazine Rotation


Making certain a defensive firearm is in working order is imperative, but simple. They need cleaning, lubrication and, if magazine fed, magazine rotation. What’s that last one, you say? Magazine rotation? Yes, like any mechanical device, a magazine is prone to ware. Particularly, if loaded consistently, the springs can soften and eventually lead to a failure to feed. In turn, it’s important to give the magazines a rest and call a fresh one into action. Firearms instructor and member of Colt Combat Unit Ken Hackathorn goes over a simple magazine rotation system in the above video that ensures they perform when they’re called into duty. Granted, the system costs a little extra money, given it requires having extra magazines on hand. But it will get more life out of each magazine and, more importantly, ensure they function flawlessly if ever called into duty.

Handgun training - magazine rotation

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