Video: Grip Upgrades That Will Get You On Target


Top grip upgrades that will make your gun more manageable and get you on target.

Getting a grip … it’s more than a vague metaphor in the shooting world.
Brass tacks, it’s the key to consistency and accuracy every time we pick up a firearm.

  • A foundational fundamental, proper grip determines a great deal of the successfulness of a shot.
  • Without complete control of a pistol, rifle or shotgun, it’s nearly impossible to develop a precise hold on the desired target.
  • And follow-up shots, forget about it – they’re all but written off if a gun swims around in your hand.
  • In turn, learning to grip a firearm so it is manageable and accurate is among the first things we must do as shooters.

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That said, there are some minor areas we can tinker with outside of skill development to enhance our handle on a gun.

Often overlooked, grip upgrades can provide a more intuitive grasp on a firearm and facilitate what is known as a ‘positive grip’ (texturing grips you back), thus making it more controllable.

Those features alone are worth the price of admission and can make something as simple as plinking more enjoyable.

Though, nowadays, grip upgrades far exceed simply making a gun more manageable.
Get the right kind, they’ll also take care of your aiming needs.

John Tupy of Minnesota gun retailer, Modern Sportsman, showcases a few popular pistol and rifle grip upgrades from Hogue, Talon Grips and Crimson Trace.

Certainly, they might not come off as sexy as upgrading ammo or your AR’s rail.
But for a relatively minuscule investment, a good set of new grips will definitely enhance your gun.

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