Crimson Trace’s Lasersaddle Lights Up Mossberg Shotguns

Crimson Trace’s Lasersaddle Lights Up Mossberg Shotguns

Inconspicuous and intuitive, the Lasersaddle gets Mossberg's scatter on target quick.

Lasersaddle LS-250 & LS-250G Specs

  • Material: Polymer
  • Color: Black
  • Master On/Off Switch: Yes
  • Free Batteries For Life: Yes
  • Installation: User Installed
  • Laser Battery Life: Over Four Hours
  • Activation Mode: Pressure Activated
  • Sighting: Factory Sighted at 50′
  • User Adjustable: Windage and Elevation
  • Warranty: Three Year Full Warranty
  • Dot Size: Approx. 0.50″ at 50′

Thinking caps on, Crimson Trace has been churning through some intriguing additions to its catalog late this year. Breaking into red-dot sights and riflescopes qualify as a pretty big deal for a company that’s earned its tucker at a decidedly different end of the aiming solutions market. That said, the company isn’t jettisoning the niche it helped define any time soon, and has a few fascinating new laser sights it's pulling out of its sleeve. The Lasersaddle for the Mossberg shotguns definitely qualifies as one.


Wait, what? A laser sight for a shotgun? Isn’t that akin to a laser sight for a sledgehammer? Certainly, precision isn’t exactly either blunt instrument’s forte — close range or otherwise. Yet, Crimson Trace has method well designed into its shotgun laser madness. Particularly pertaining to low light situations, the LS-250 and LS-250G could prove an indispensable asset for fast target acquisition. Especially considering the firearm it’s specifically designed for — the Mossberg’s pistol-grip, smoothbore Shockwave. An effective tool, but not one exactly know for facilitating dead-nuts holds — until Crimson Trace got ahold of it.

The Lasersaddle is compatible with most other 500 and 590s, so it’s not strictly a Shockwave affair. In any case, there’s plenty to like about the design, especially if you’re a minimalist. Installing over the receiver, the sight doesn’t junk up a gun and has three distinct activation points for convenience. Those who’ve struggled to find an unobtrusive and intuitive flashlight or laser rig for their pump-action understand the advantages Crimson Trace has engineered into the Lasersaddle sheerly off where it's positioned.

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From Crimson Trace:

(Wilsonville, OR) — Crimson Trace®, recognized as America’s Top Brand of laser sights and tactical lights in a shooting sports industry survey, announces the release of the innovative Lasersaddle™ LS-250 red laser sight (and LS-250G green laser sight) for the Mossberg® Shockwave™ firearm. The simple-to-install Lasersaddle LS-250/G laser sight secures onto the firearm’s receiver side and upper area and operates with three distinct activation points, including one that can be accessed by left-handed users. The batteries for operation can also be easily changed with a rapid-change battery cap on the sight’s exterior and without the laser sight being removed from the firearm.

The Lasersaddle LS-250/G laser sight is also designed to permit installation of an accessory rail on top of the firearm after the laser sight is installed, has a master on-off switch, and incorporates integrated battery management technology for enhanced battery life protection. The Crimson Trace Lasersaddle LS-250 (red) and LS-250G (green) laser sights will also fit onto most 12-gauge Mossberg 590 and 500 shotguns. The LS-250 laser sight is covered under Crimson Trace’s Free Batteries for Life program and the company’s 3-year limited warranty. This laser sight is available nationwide and is packaged in the new distinctive CT packaging. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is $169 for the red Lasersaddle LS-250 and $219 for the green Lasersaddle LS-250G laser sight.

Crimson Trace continues to expand the laser sight options for America’s firearms owners. The company offers many laser sights for use on numerous long guns, including the Rail Master® Pro™ laser sight and lights, LiNQ® wireless laser sight and light, and the workhorse MVF-515™ laser sight and light. These many innovations are all easy to install and operate and can provide up to 900 lumens of white light output.

Crimson Trace strives to make laser sights standard equipment on concealed-carry and personal-defense firearms. The Oregon-based company equips America’s firearms owners, law enforcement officers, and military units around the globe with the largest selection of award-winning laser sights, tactical lights and electro optics products along with riflescopes. Full details are at or are available by calling 800-442-2406.

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