Video: Choosing A Big-Bore Revolver Holster


When it comes to a big-bore revolver holster, choosing the right one depends on how you hunt.

Choosing a holster, for a gun owner, there are typically no more chilling words. Those who have done it likely have plenty of reminders of the process, characteristically a shelf or drawer full of also-rans that just didn’t fit the bill. For the most part, this is due to the nature of the holster’s main job nowadays – keeping a gun concealed, relatively comfortable, yet at the ready when trouble rolls around. But what about a holster for other applications?

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Most likely, if big-bore revolvers have caught your fancy, you plan to take them out into the field. And like all handguns, you’ll need a way to transport yours from point A to point B safely, while keeping it at the ready. Given the nature of its application, a big-bore revolver holster doesn’t have as many duties to hold down as one meant for concealed carry, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t considerations.

Above all, you have to determine your needs. A deer hunter in a stand with a scoped revolver will require a much different rig than someone chasing down a black bear behind a pack of hounds. A shoulder holster might work better for one and a belt holster for the other, depending on the hunter. But there are some common needs that any holster should address:

  • Retains revolver until drawn.
  • Completely covers trigger and trigger guard.
  • Rugged enough to withstand the great outdoors.
  • Keeps revolver at the ready and works with other gear.
  • Easily reholsters revolver.
  • Comfortable to wear.

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