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The M14/M1A Blackfeather® “RS” aluminum rifle stock is patterned on the light weight, balance and ergonomics of a traditional USGI fibreglass stock but it offers modern features such as precision bedding, our proprietary, self-lubricating, adjustable oprod guide, removable, keyed picatinny rails, a removable, interchangeable butt stock adapter, improved trigger ergonomics, end plate adapters for all industry standard AR buttstocks as well as true component interchangeability for the M14 platform.

M14/M1A Blackfeather® "RS" aluminum rifle stock
The M14/M1A Blackfeather® “RS” aluminum rifle stock. (Click the image for a larger view)

Blackfeather is comprised of 9 components, the stock, butt stock adapter, 2 end plates, 3 rails and the oprod guide and wear plate.

The stock and its component parts (excluding the oprod guide and oprod guide wear plate) are made from 6061 T6 aluminum and are Type II hard coated matte black in an ISO:9001 certified anodizing facility. The oprod guide and the oprod guide wear plate are made from 4140 HTSR (heat treated and stress releived) steel and ship black oxide coated.

The stock is well-balanced, fast handling, light-weight (see weigh scale photos below), offers precision bedding surfaces, improved trigger ergonomics and “natural” handling characteristics over existing M14 platform designs. The Blackfeather® fore end was modeled and follows the natural contours of a USGI synthetic stock.

Included with the stock, are three “keyed” picatinny rails. Two 4 inch side rails and one 6 inch under rail. The two 4 inch rails are keyed with male studs protruding on the back of each rail. The studs interface into the side openings of the stock along a track way to afford placement fore and aft. This modular picatinny rail track system is unique to the Blackfeather® stock. The stock also includes a permanent 4″ picatinny under rail and a threaded hole for a steel insert (not included) for QD slings or bipod attachment.

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