Pincus’ First Impressions on the Mk47 Mutant

Pincus’ First Impressions on the Mk47 Mutant

CMMG’s latest firearm is an attempt to package the best of both worlds.

The Mk47 Mutant aims to give shooters the lightness and versatility of an AR-style rifle. At the same tick, the gun is meant to be harder hitting, feeding off the AK’s 7.62×39 ammunition.

This feat has been attempted before, but not to the degree of success of CMMG’s venture. Or at least that’s Rob Pincus’ initial take on the new Mutant.

The owner-operator of the Florida-based I.C.E. Firearms and Self-Defense Training put the new Mk47 through its paces. And, in short, found it tip-top.

There are two areas in particular where Pincus was impressed in what CMMG has brought to the table – the bolt and the magazine. Each has plagued previous attempts at marrying the platforms, but appear to be ironed out in the Mutant.

After slinging a slew of rounds down range, Pincus does find some nits to pick. The the charging handle rubbed him the wrong way. But, to find out exactly what that issue is, you’ll have to watch the video.

It’s worth your time to do so. Not only is the rifle one of the more intriguing firearms to come down the pike in recent years. Pincus also gives shooters a good idea why it has been so difficult to crack the AR-AK code.

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  1. Over $1,000,000 in R&D costs and they don’t have battle rifle that locks the bolt back when the last shot is fired, that’s just sad.


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