One Mile Out: Steyr Arms SSG 08 Long Range Tactical Rifle


Steyr Arms SSG 08

(Excerpted From Report from the Field: New Rifles, Gun Digest 2012, by Tom Tabor)

Steyr Arms One-Mile Gunner

The first Steyr SSG 08 long range tactical rifle made its debut back in 2009 but recently the company has upped the ante with a brand new adaptation chambered in what many believe to be the ultimate long-range tactical cartridge, the .338 Lapua Magnum.

This new version was released only after the prototype rifle underwent a grueling 10,000-round endurance and reliability testing at Steyr’s Austrian factory. The SSG 08 is based on Steyr’s unique Safe Bolt System (SBS) action, which is bedded in a skeletonized aluminum stock.

The stock is equipped with an UIT rail (running the length of the forend), an adjustment cheek piece and buttplate, an integrated, finely adjustable rear-elevation pod and a butt capable of being folded forward for transport.

For further versatility there are also multiple mounting points for attaching a wide variety of Picatinny rail-mounted accessories. The enclosed detachable box magazine holds six of the big .338 Lapua Mag. rounds and the rifle comes with a Versa-pod, or heavy-duty bi-pod, and a hard travel case.

Recommended retail price for .338 Lapua Mag. chambered Steyr SSG 08 is $6,795.

This is an excerpt from the Gun Digest 2012.

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