What do you carry-off duty?


I'm working on a story for Tactical Gear Magazine and I need your help. If you are a LEO, I want to know what you carry off duty. Be specific. Does your agency allow off-duty carry or does your agency require off duty carry? Do you carry everywhere? In church? At the mall? Name the make and model of firearm. Tell me the brand of ammo. Do you have a knife? ID or a badge?

Let's hear what you carry and why.

You can respond here or email me directly at kevin.michalowski@fwmedia.com

Please include as much identifying information as you can. If I use your submission I will email you for more detail. Let's hear it.

Stay safe.

Kevin Michalowski
Editor, Tactical Gear Magazine


  1. I’m a deputy in Tampa Florida and carry a Glock 33 with Corbon dpx ammo. My department went to 40 cal. but I stayed with 357 sig off duty because I like the round better. I carry everywhere I go because the one time I don’t carry is the one time I’m going to need it. I also don’t kid myself that bad things only happen in the bad parts of town… Bad things and Bad people are all around you.. mixed in with the good people. I carry my ID also, so I don’t get shot by friendly fire.


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