Tri-Star Launches Marine Model of Defensive Shotgun

With a nickel finish, the Cobra Marine gives shooters a shotgun that is comfortable on land and water.
With a nickle finish, the Cobra Marine gives shooters a shotgun that is comfortable on land and water.

With a nickel finish, Tri-Star's new defensive shotgun is comfortable on land and water. Boasting a nickel finish on its barrel and receiver, and a nifty spring-loaded pump-action, the Cobra Marine looks to handle trouble on land and water.

Tri-Star Sporting Arms definitely has a hunting bent when it comes to its shotguns. A majority of the importer’s smoothbore catalog is angled at downing fowl of one feather or another.

The Missouri-based company, however, is no stranger when it comes to defensive arms. Tri-Star’s Cobra Tactical Pump Shotguns offer shooters what looks to be an ingenious and affordable line of smoothbores – Turkish in origin.

Recently, the company expanded this line of defensive shotguns with a model likely to strike a cord with those in inclement environments and around saltwater. The Tri-Star Cobra Marine Tactical Pump Shotgun offers shooters all the options of the rest of the line in a corrosive-resistant package.

The primary feature that keeps the synthetically stocked 12-guage in the fight no matter the conditions is a nickel finish on its barrel and receiver. The metal has historically been a popular plating material, given its slow rate of oxidation at room temperature.

Truth be told, the nickel finish also endows the shotgun with a bit of a cool factor, as well.

The new defensive shotgun has an 18.5-inch barrel, which is a new feature to the entire Cobra line; previously, the pump shotguns had slightly longer 20-inch barrels.

Shortening the barrel has made the shotgun more maneuverable, trimming down its overall length to around 41 inches. This should prove to be a solid design modification for the marine model, which has the potential of being called upon in the close quarters of a ship.

The defensive shotgun also has what appears to be an innovative feature designed into the pump-action. The forearm is spring loaded, so simply pulling back on and releasing it cycles the gun.

The shotgun is set up to fire a wide variety of ammunition. It has a 3-inch chamber, accepting both 3- and 2 ¾-inch shells, and any size of shot.

The defensive shotgun also has a number of other notable features.

It has a chrome-lined chamber and barrel for increased lifespan. It is outfitted with a Picatinny rail on the forearm for the quick addition of an accessory. It has a blade front sight and comes with one Beretta-style choke tube.

The defensive shotgun appears to be an affordable option, with an MSRP of $369.

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