Survival Shelter Plans: It Starts With Your Gut

Survival Shelter Plans: It Starts With Your Gut

To get started with making survival shelter plans, follow your gut instincts about what is needed. Plus: A free download on how to make survival shelters.

Survival Shelter Plans: Listen to Your Gut

Survival-Shelter-PlansSurvival shelter plans, just like every other piece of preparation, starts with listening to that strong voice of common sense that developed through all of our experiences.

Each of us has a pretty firm understanding of “hot.” Many of us know a pretty good thing or two about “cold.” Simply living is enough to give most people some sense of the dangers at hand as it pertains to emergency shelter needs.

Problems most often grow from minor and manageable to severe and dangerous when people, for whatever reason, decide to ignore that “gut feeling” that something just isn’t right.

You should always take advantage of what the body has to say and with full urgency when it comes to emergency shelters. The clock is already ticking toward that three-hour mark when the gut feeling starts talking to the mind.

Those beyond the home or any adequate cool or warmth can’t afford to waste a minute. Try to imagine the growing stress and the racing thoughts that would come should troubles grow from bad to worse when there’s limited time and no adequate relief in sight.

Survival Shelter Plans: Start with the 3-Hour Basics

Survival shelter plans might begin outside of any concerns of disaster. It should be thought of from the perspective of basic survival.

Those heading off from home should think ahead toward the possibility of an emergency and have some provisions to warm up or cool off along with them. Always think, “three hours.”

Ideas and the flexibility to improvise could, in some cases, make up for what you are lacking in gear.

Survival Shelter Plans: An Example for Bug-Out Shelters

My bug-out bag was very intentionally designed to recognize survival shelter’s critical place in the rule of threes.

Several survival shelter contingencies are kept in a pouch on the outside of the pack. In the event of an emergency, I wouldn’t have to root through the entire bug-out bag to locate those items of most immediate need.

My bug-out bag includes several ways to start a fire at close reach. There’s a poncho I could grab quickly if the clouds decided to open up and make life that much tougher.

The contents of the bag include a change of warm, dry clothing. There’s a tarp tucked inside and I have a small tent to provide some refuge from any potentially troublesome elements, whether it’s cold winds, rain or the hot sun.

A bug-out bag goes a long way toward making life easier, but of course, that’s assuming you thought your plan through and dutifully grabbed your gear before venturing out.

Survival Shelter Plans: Tap Your Inner Child

Those who become caught in the elements without an assortment of supplies might have to revert to some childhood creativity. All of us growing up had the imagination to build all kinds of different forts and in many different ways.


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