Something to hold on to


My new Ring's Blue Gun arrived the other day. It is the Glock 17/22 clone. Now I can do holster evaluations and practice my draw and sight picture. True, the Blue Gun is not the exact weight of a fully loaded Glock 22, but is its the exact size and the detail is actually quite impressive. It even accepts weapon lights and so far has worked in all the holsters my real Glock fits into. I now own 1911 and Glock 17/22 Blue Guns. Meaning I have the two most popular pistol styles as far as holster tests are concerned.

Perhaps now I can begin to brush up on my weapon retention/weapon take-away drills. There is no substitute for repetitions and Rings products are durable, dependable and ready for training. If you don't have one, get one. Check them out at


  1. Kevin: Can you talk more about your weapon retention/weapon take-away drills? How does a person go about learning these or see them demonstrated?


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