SilencerCo Making Noise with Shotgun Suppressor

SilencerCo Making Noise with Shotgun Suppressor
SilencerCo recently unveiled the Salvo 12, which it touts as the first commercially-viable shotgun suppressor. Photo: SilencerCo.

Shotgun suppressors, for the most part, have been oddities.

Noise reducing devices for smoothbores have existed for some time, but have been out of reach for most of the general shooting public. What has made the accessory rare is the fact that historically it's been a custom accessory.

If a shooter wanted to dampen the report of a 12-gauge, well they’d have to find a smithy willing to whip a can together for their gun.

SilencerCo isn’t keeping quite it wants to change this trend with the Utah-based company recently unveiling a shotgun silencer for the masses.

The Salvo 12 is being billed as the only commercially-viable shotgun suppressor on the market. Of course, it being a suppressor the device still demands a pretty penny.

SilencerCo placed a $1,400 MSRP on the Salvo, putting it at the high end of the suppressor market. There is also the additional $200 tax stamp that must be paid since the device is a NFA regulated accessory – a piece of legislation some are trying to change.

If monetary constraints don't stand in the way, the Salvo appears to have a number of features that should appeal to shooters. Perhaps the most intriguing is the flexibility of the device.

The Salvo is configurable, with removable sections that allow shooters to adjust its length and noise suppression. At its full 12 inches, the device dampens a shotgun’s report to 132 decibels at the ear; at its minimum 6 inches, it suppresses the report to 140 dB.

The noise reduction the aluminum and stainless steel constructed device provides is between 10 and 20 decibels quieter than a un-suppressed 12-guage. This, SilencerCo touts, puts the suppressed levels of a 12-guage report at or below the 140 dB peak sound pressure OSHA sets as the maximum for exposure to impact noises.

SilencerCo recently unveiled the Salvo 12, which it touts as the first commercially-viable shotgun suppressor. Photo: SilencerCo.
SilencerCo recently unveiled the Salvo 12, which it touts as the first commercially-viable shotgun suppressor. Photo: SilencerCo.

The Salvo functions with most modern 12-gauge shotguns, as long as they are pre-threaded to accept a removable choke. On this point the company notes, “Due to differences in shotgun manufacturer and choke preference, it is important that you select the correct adapter,” when you purchase the suppressor.

The Salvo is a logical step in the world of suppressors. Demand for the device has increase with a majority of states allowing the accessory for hunting.

There also appears to be a potential for urban applications for the device. Reducing the noise of a shotgun could open up the possibility of sporting clay ranges where municipal ordnances once made their construction impossible.

Whatever the ultimate fate of the Salvo is, one thing is appears clear – the suppressor world is just opening up.


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