New Gun: The Beretta A300 Outlander Sporting

New Gun: The Beretta A300 Outlander Sporting

Optimized to break clays without mercy, the A300 Outlander Sporting has the stuff to own the range.

Where's the new shotgun's competitive edge?

  • A gas valve system reduces even the hottest loads pressure for manageable recoil.
  • Shim system ensures the A300 Outlander Sporting always has a proper fit.
  • Its heavier stock reduces kick and helps it swing more intuitively.
  • Wider rib and two beads help the shotgun get on target.
  • The gun's MSRP is $1,100.

If you generally dress in tweed when you shoot and rarely touch your fowling piece before the Glorious Twelfth, then versatility in a shotgun isn’t likely a concern. For the rest of the shotgun world it’s a different story. For most, a scattergun is a workhorse, ready teakettle a Canada honker on the pass, knock a pheasant head over spurs and vaporize clays the instant “PULL” is uttered.


Beretta succeeded in ticking these boxes a few years back with the introduction of its yeoman semi-automatic the A300 Outlander. The American-made replacement of the 3901, the 12-gauge offers reliability and performance in a relatively affordable package. And now the Italian-based company looks offer the same for those who live and die at the trap range.

Introduced at the SHOT Show 2018, Beretta has tailored the line's newest addition — the A300 Outlander Sport — to the clays game. And while the new semi-auto runs at a premium compared to the original, at $1,100 it’s not so prohibitive as to knock it out of the running as an entry-level gun for the budding clays enthusiast.

Among the more attractive aspects, particularly for those newer to the marathon shooting discipline, is a feature common to most Berettas — forgiving recoil. The company’s autoloaders have typically won praise for their mildness, and the A300 Outlander Sporting’s self-cleaning cylinder and piston design go a ways to enhancing this facet. Optimized to run lighter loads, the gas system also includes a valve system that decreases the pressure of more powerful shells, thus doles out less punishment. Additionally, the A300 Sporting’s larger, heavier stock plays its part in dampening kick, as do shims to adjust the length of pull, ensuring proper fit.


For the money, Beretta makes certain the A300 Outlander Sporting comes with the little extras clay shooters look for on their guns. These include a 30-inch barrel, widened rib, front and mid beads, a palm swell on the grip and extended chokes. The 12-gauge comes with three MobilChoke Victory tubes (IC, M and F).

While not performance enhancing, the gun also comes in a stick of attractive walnut. And who can complain about wood on a shotgun?

For more information on the Beretta A300 Outlander Sporting please visit:

A300 Outlander Sporting Specs:
Barrel length (in): 30
Chamber (in): 3”
Choke: MC
Gauge: 12
Lylium: Y
Rib: 6×6


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