SHOT Show 2011: New Surefire Tactical Lights



Surefire's new rechargeable tactical lights feature improved user controls and duel-fuel options. Photos by Corey Graff


At 500 Lumens (20,000 Candela) the Surefire UNR Commander produces a “blinding extended-reach beam.” That's what the company literature says. After waving its beam around the SHOT Show floor, I'm pretty sure you could fry eyebrows with this thing. There's got to be a tactical advantage in that.


Tactical lights just keep getting more powerful. But what I really liked about Surefire's newest lights were the 4-position tailcap switch. It's like a joystick: Push it down carefully and you activate pre-set effects, like strobing. Move it forward and you get other pre-set outputs. Or literally “push the panic button” all the way down and you get the full beam no matter what.


The 4-position joystick is available on the UBR Invictus (800 Lumens); UNR Commander (500 Lumens); and the UAR Aviator (500 Lumens).


In the event you need something really powerful, check out the UDR Dominator, which throws 4,000 Lumens.


These lights feature “Duel Fuel” — Surefire's way of saying they will accept two rechargeable battery types, namely lithium-ion or A123.


A good light can allow you to identify the nature of a threat, or to distract/disorient an attacker. Think about how fast things can go bad and don't let your adversary use darkness to his advantage. Consider adding a tactical light to your self-defense tool kit.


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