On The Range With The Marlin 1894 Classic

The author reviews the reintroduced Marlin 1894 Classic, the return of a lever-gun legend.
Tactical Lever Action Lead

Tactical Lever-Action Rifle: Best Of The New Old School (2023)

When legislation or preferences steer a shooter away from a semi-auto carbine, it's time to go with Plan B: The tactical Lever-action rifle.

Kimber Mountain Ascent Caza Review: Light Is Right

A lightweight and accurate bolt-action rifle, the author takes a closer look at the Kimber Mountain Ascent Caza.

My Ruger Hawkeye Is A Keeper

The author extols the virtues of his Ruger Hawkeye in .257 Roberts to explain why it has a permanent spot in his collection.
Bradshaw BRSS review feature

A Different Twist: Bradshaw BRSS Review

A review of the Bradshaw BRSS, a rifle that offers a new twist on the bespoke Hoenig rotary action.

PSA AK-74 Review: American-Made Russian Thunder

Imported 5.45x39mm rifles have been scarce and expensive lately, so we’re taking a look at the more affordable American-made PSA AK-74.
M 18 black hills ammo

Royal Blood: Mauser M18 Review

A review of some regal German engineering in the form of the Mauser M18 bolt-action rifle.

Shaken, Not Stirred: The Heym Martini Express

A closer look at the Heym Express by Martini, an elegant twist on a classic big-game rifle.

Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical Review: Stretching Your Dollar Long

Priced to fit any marksman’s budget, and on the mark accuracy-wise, the Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical proves the ideal gateway to long-range shooting.

Nosler Model 21 Review: Testing The Carbon Chassis Hunter

The author takes a look at the new Nosler Model 21 Carbon Chassis Hunter, a dual-purpose tack driver featuring the MDT HNT26 carbon-fiber chassis system.

High-Rolling Heaters: From Bergara To Manurhin

If you have money to burn, there are some fine quality heaters out there you can spend it on. Here we take a look at a few models from Bergara, Manurhin and more.
Geissele Super Duty feature

Geissele Super Duty Review: Pulling Major G-Force

A closer look at Geissele’s complete (almost) Super Duty system.
KRISS Vector review feature

KRISS Vector CRB 9mm Review

There’s no doubt that the KRISS Vector CRB has very little recoil, partially thanks to its space-age KRISS Super V System, but do the benefits justify the cost?

Desert Tech HTI Review: Precision Rifle Or Portable Artillery?

The Desert Tech HTI, or Hard Target Interdiction, blurs the line between precision rifle and portable artillery.

Marlin 1895 Trapper Review: The Hunting Panther

The reintroduced Marlin 1895 Trapper is a fast-handling thumper.