Redfield Offers More Powerful Option in Battlezone Line


Redfield is offering its Battlezone riflescope in a more powerful 6-18x42mm model.
Redfield is offering its Battlezone riflescope in a more powerful 6-18x42mm model.
There was a time and place there was no finer scope you could mount on your hunting rifle than a Redfield. As of late, the optics brand has been making a name for itself on a new platform.

Redfield has made a solid push as the choice of many AR shooters with its Battlezone line of riflescopes. Proof of the line’s popularity is how quickly it has expanded. Redfield recently introduced a more powerful option in the scope, a little less than a year after Battlezone initially hit the market.

Redfield now offers its Battlezone riflescope in a 6-18x44mm model, giving shooters twice the magnification than was available before in the line. The new scope also offers a crisper sight picture – even in low light – with an enlarged objective lens. The more powerful option has all the features a long-range shooter or a varmint hunter would find desirable.

Before, Battlezone scopes were available in a 3-9x42mm version and a 2-7x34mm, the latter designed to be mounted on tactical .22 rifles. Similar to the original scopes in the Battlefield line, the newest has been tweaked for modern sporting rifles.

One of the more ingenious features is the scope’s bullet drop compensation system.

The system comes with adjustment dials calibrated in two of the most popular AR calibers. The .223/5.56mm NATO dial is set up for 55gr bullets at 3,100 feet per second. The second dial is calibrated for 168gr .308/7.62mm NATO bullets at 2,650 fps. Each dial is marked in 50-yard increments.

The scope’s reticle is also tactically optimized with stadia lines on the horizontal and vertical crosshairs, set at one-minute-of-angle increments. The configuration is meant to give shooters quick holdover for wind and elevation.

Like all Redfield riflescopes, the Battlezone has a waterproof nitrogen-filled main tube to prevent fogging and freezing. But what ends up being one of the big selling points of this scope is not any of its intrinsic features.

Battlezone scopes tend to be easy on the pocketbook, with most major shooting and outdoor retailers pricing them around $200.

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