Pulsar Introduces its New Digisight 850 LRF Scope

Pulsar Introduces its New Digisight 850 LRF Scope
Pulsar’s new Digisight 850 LRF is the ticket for low-light shooters.
Pulsar’s new Digisight 850 LRF is the ticket for low-light shooters.
Pulsar’s new Digisight 850 LRF is the ticket for low-light shooters.

When it comes to firearms optics, Pulsar isn’t in the dark. The company has a long history producing and innovating low-light aiming solutions.

Pulsar even touts some pretty impressive credentials along these lines as the first to produce a digital night vision riflescope. And it has recently put its expertise to good use, expanding its catalog with what could be a highly useful optic.

The Digisight LRF N850 gives shooters an added level of precision, outfitted with a built-in rangefinder. Given the difficulty of gauging distance in low-light situations, this could be an incredible addition.

The range finder has a measurement range of 400 yards and has a margin of error of 1 meter. Perhaps even more impressive, the unit also has a scanning mode, engineered to range fast-moving targets or ones dispersed across the landscape. Hog and coyote hunters let your imaginations run wild.

The unit also includes what looks to be other helpful innovations, such as the THD and AoE functions. THD displays the true horizontal distance, while AoE shows the shooter’s angle of elevation. These are perfect additions for those operating in a mountainous landscape or a stand.

The unit uses a 640×480 resolution OLED display and offer 4.5x magnification and 2x digital zoom. The unit is also outfitted with Pulsar’s proprietary Sum Light Singnal Procesing Program, which allows for image enhancement without resorting to the IR illuminator. If the situation calls for it, however, the Digisight 850 LRF does have an eye-safe laser illuminator to light up a target.

The Digisight 850 LRF comes preloaded with thirteen selectable electronic reticles for specific hunting and shooting conditions. All reticles have four color options. While one shot zeroing is still a key feature of the unit, innovative FREEZE zeroing is a new enhancement. All customizable zeroing parameters can be memorized for up to three types of weapons or distances.

The scope will add a bit of heft to a firearm, weighing in at 38.8 ounces with batteries. It measures in at 13.4 inches long, 4.4 inches across and 3.7 inches high. The unit runs off of 4 AA batteries. The MSRP was not available for the scope, but a number of online retailers had the Digisight 850 LRF listed around $2,000.

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