Photo Gallery: Scoping Out New Firearm Optics — Part II

Photo Gallery: Scoping Out New Firearm Optics — Part II

Optics companies haven’t held back this year with a slew of new and improved options ready to deck out rifles, pistols and shotguns. To boot, the companies appear to have an option for nearly every budget — no matter how big or small. Check out these 11 new firearm optics and see what’s worth setting your crosshairs on.

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Editor's Note: This article is from Gun Digest the Magazine's Shooter's Guide 2015.


Fast and Accurate

The Leatherwood ART M1000 scope makes long-distance shooting simple. Simply place the reticle on the target. Use the brackets on the reticle to frame an 18-inch or 1 meter target (i.e. the 18″ height of a buck's chest cavity) by zooming in to an area of known size. Aim and shoot. The scope automatically ranges the target and compensates for bullet trajectory for distances of 250 to 1,000 meters. This means no holdover or guesswork. Take Aim On Accuracy


  1. I must say thaet 98% of alll scopes manufactured today really, REALLY, SUCK!
    I don’t know what the manufacturers are thinking, but the tube space between the turret and front bell housing, and turret and zoom/focus ring, is WAY TOO SHORT to mount these scopes for proper eye relief for many people without the need for extention rings.
    The front bell housing especially is the main problem- many are 1″ to 2.5″ longer than scopes made just 5~8 years ago. This means way too little tube on either side of the turrrets for enough foreward and reverse adjustment.
    I hvae had complaints from dozens of shooters and hunters about this trend in scope design, and many people are pissed off, and no “gun writer” seems to be aware of this problematic trend in scope design.
    Do they NEED to be that long? NO!
    Are they esthetically pleasing? NO!
    Are they designers stupid? YES!
    Are they designing scopes this way because it is cheaper, or a cheaper way to increase brightness? YES, and MAYBE!


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