SHOT Show 2014: New Low-Power Optics

SHOT Show 2014: New Low-Power Optics
Burris' AR-1X Prism Sight
Burris' AR-1X Prism Sight
Burris' AR-1X Prism Sight

Leupold’s DeltaPoint 2

Leupold’s DeltaPoint 2

Like its predecessor, Leupold’s DeltaPoint 2 is outfitted with motion-sensor technology, activating the optic’s red dot upon the gun’s movement. But the next generation optic has a few new twists. The DeltaPoint 2 allows more user control with manual brightness adjustments for the dot. And the optic includes a master on/off switch, allowing users to elongate battery life by completely powering down the unit when not in use. Luepold also promises a crisper sight picture, with a new lens coating eliminating virtually all dot bloom. The optic is available in 3.5-MOA or 7.5-MOA dot options.

Redfield Accelerator Reflex sight    

Redfield Accelerator Reflex

Since Leupold acquired Redfield, the brand has been rising fast. This year is no different, with Redfield expanding its catalog to include red-dot optics. The Accelerator Reflex offers four illumination settings to adjust to any lightning environment. The optic also has a automatic shutdown feature, helping to elongate its battery life. The 6-MOA dot allows for a fast sight picture and the unit’s aluminum housing makes it a lightweight addition to a firearm. The Accelerator is compatible with Picatinny or Weaver-style rails.

Ballistic CQ Reticle

Burris AR-1X Prism Sight

The AR-1X Prism Sight has been around for awhile, but the popular optic enters 2014 with a new look. Burris has outfitted the sight with a new reticle design, making it a more versatile option in low-power optics. The Ballistic CQ illuminated reticle – available in red, green and black – provides trajectory compensation out to 600 yards. But with 1X magnification, the sight allows for fast target acquisition and the ability to shoot with both eyes open. Burris promises the AR-1X is as rugged as the rest of its lineup, both water and fog proof.

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