Lasergrips Available for Kahr K Handguns


Crimson Trace introduces Lasergrips for Kahr K Series (Model LG-460 for full-size) and MK Series (Model LG-461 for compact models) handguns.

The Lasergrips fit the 9 mm and .40-caliber pistols. The LG-460 and LG-461 have a wrap-around grip design that uses the same grip screws as the stock grip for easy installation.

The grips are instinctively activated by a pressure switch in the front strap. Grasping the firearm in a normal shooting grip activates the laser. All electrical components fit into the Lasergrip, which mirrors the size and weight of stock grips and is ergonomically designed for comfort.

Contact Crimson Trace at (800) 442-2406 or


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