Inteliscope Smartphone Scope Offers Reticle Upgrade

Inteliscope Smartphone Scope Offers Reticle Upgrade

Inteliscope reticles
Inteliscope reticles.
Riflescopes have made a move into the digital world. And one of the first smartphone optics apps recently has put forth its first major expansion.

Inteliscope has launched a reticle pack for its its iOS version of its smartphone application. Shooters can download a pack of eight reticles for $3.99 or the entire database of 80 for $19.99. The company hopes the expansion of its nearly year-old product will continue to demonstrate its flexibility and usefulness, no matter what the shooting situation demands.

“Shooters have their favorite reticles. Now with Inteliscope, they are not limited to what comes in the optic,” Jason Giddings, president of Inteliscope said. “Rather, they can now choose from dozens of options and change out based on environmental conditions or interest.”

The purchase is made in-app. The shooter selects setup and reticles with the new release of the product. The Inteliscope app itself is a free download at the Apple Store.

The company made its first major update of the 5X-power digital scope this past fall, giving the app the ability to calculate bullet trajectory, even if the gun is not kept on an even plane. Inteliscope also has a number of other features, including: Zoom, video recording, flashlight, GPS positioning, compass and local prevailing winds.

The company sells a mounting system for smartphones, compatible with most rifles. The cost of the system is $99 an is available at the Inteliscopes' website.

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