Something to hold on to

My new Ring's Blue Gun arrived the other day. It is the Glock 17/22 clone. Now I can do holster evaluations and practice my draw and sight picture. Tr

Most Popular Police Handguns 1900-1999

With an upgraded manufacturing process and Colt's languishing attention to revolvers, Smith & Wesson begins to surpass colt as the go-to maker of police revolvers.

1911 or Polymer Pistol?

The next edition of Tactical Gear Magazine includes a gun review by Bob Campbell of Kimber's Gold Combat. This always stirs debate. The picture below

Para Stealth Pistol

PARA USA has introd

Ithaca Enters 1911 Market

Last year Ithaca resurrected several models of their popular shotguns. This year, the company has brought back its 1911.

New Para 14-45 Black Ops Pistol

PARA USA has released a new series of 1911-style pistols designed for tactical operators working on covert assignments. Here's a look at the Para 14-45 Black Ops.

Ithaca Enters the 1911 Market

SHOT Show 2010Las Vegas - The Ithaca Gun Company has entered the 1911 market with a "retro" WWII pistol that brings the company back to its g

Gun Review: EAA EZ Pistol

By popular demand, EAA is introducing a ported carry version of the EZ pistol. The EZ Carry Pistol has a 3-34-inch barrel for easy...

How do you choose what to carry?

Do you carry everything you think you might need? Do you look things over and determine the weight to value ratio? Whether you are on duty or carrying

Review: Kahr Arms 380 and Guncrafter Glock Conversion 50 GI

Gun review: These two pistols - the Kahr Arms 380 and Guncrafter Glock Conversion in 50 GI - reach both ends of the spectrum.

Ruger Super Blackhawk: A Half-Century of Service and Still Roaring!

When a pistol remains in service for 50 years, it gets Workman's attention. In the case of the Ruger Super Blackhawk, it came as no surprise.

Gun Review: Taurus PT 1911

The late Dan Shideler never had much use for semi-auto pistols. Compared to revolvers, they always seemed to be clunky, awkward things. The Taurus PT 1911, however, was another matter.

Making Open Carry Safer Part II

Open carrying a handgun carries with it special risks and considerations. Massad Ayoob provides tips to stay safe while you stay armed.

Making Open Carry Safer

If you choose to carry an exposed handgun in public where the law allows, can you keep yourself safe even more safely? Massad Ayoob says you can, and shows you how.

Video: Smith & Wesson Model 66 .357 Magnum

This video takes a look at a few features of older style revolvers that some shooters and collectors look for, including recessed chambers and pinned barrels. The hard-to-find Smith & Wesson Model 66 is a prime candidate for such gun collectors.


FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS I wore a sixgun as regularly as I did my trousers. Without it I did not feel fully dressed. It was a tool, and a mighty useful one at that. I still like to have a good gun in easy reach at all times.


Handguns for self-defense, concealed carry, hunting and competition, as reviewed by the experts at Gun Digest and the top gun writers in the field. Includes reviews of semi-autos and revolvers, plus single shots and small pocket pistols. Also see: Gun ReviewsConcealed Carry

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