New Book from Massad Ayoob Explores SIG-Sauer Pistols

New Book from Massad Ayoob Explores SIG-Sauer Pistols

Gun Digest Book of SIG Sauer, 2nd EditionCincinnati, Ohio (May 27, 2014) – Renowned firearms expert Massad Ayoob explores the ins and outs of the design and operation of various SIG-Sauer pistols in the Gun Digest Book of SIG-Sauer, 2nd Edition, the latest offering from Gun Digest Books. The book is available to purchase online and in stores now.

Gun Digest Book of SIG-Sauer dedicates whole chapters to the most popular models in the SIG-Sauer line-up, a format that allows Ayoob to discuss each pistol’s unique attributes in depth, as well as relevant information about various calibers, quirks throughout the model’s history, magazine and ammunition options, model variations, price, ergonomics, accuracy and much more. This second edition includes new chapters for the most popular new models and any significant changes to existing models. Readers will also enjoy a breakdown of SIG-Sauer developments over the past ten years, highlighting notable features and improvements to the line.

A subsequent chapter on shooting SIGs delivers the same diligent attention to detail. Ayoob covers everything from grasp and stance, to alternative positions and advanced techniques. Loading and unloading, operating and manipulating the slide, emergency techniques, tactical reloads, holstering the pistol safely, proper maintenance, customization options and much more are all discussed. Firearms enthusiasts will find a chapter comparing the performance of SIG-Sauer to other firearms especially beneficial.

Become a SIG-Sauer expert by purchasing the book at, or at other major booksellers.

The Gun Digest Book of SIG-Sauer, 2nd Edition by Massad Ayoob, Gun Digest Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-3914-4 ∙ Price: $32.99 ∙ Paperback: 8.25 x 10.88 ∙ 288 Pages

About the Author
Massad Ayoob has published thousands of articles and authored more than a dozen books on firearms, self-defense and related topics. He founded the Lethal Force Institute in 1981 and served as its director until 2009. He now trains through Massad Ayoob Group.

About Gun Digest
Gun Digest is the world’s foremost authority on guns in print and online. In addition to Gun Digest the Magazine, the brand’s portfolio includes the Gun Digest Books line, Standard Catalog of Firearms, the online community, and ecommerce specialty store, For more information, visit, the Gun Digest Facebook page,, or follow on Twitter @gundigest. Gun Digest is an imprint of Gun Digest Media.

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