1911 or Polymer Pistol?


The next edition of Tactical Gear Magazine includes a gun review by Bob Campbell of Kimber's Gold Combat. This always stirs debate. The picture below is of the Doublestar 1911 pistol and a nicely perforated target… now comes the question.

While the 1911 is still an efficient, functional platform is it the pistol for you? A long time ago I wrote an article asking “Does the 1911 really fit perfectly in the hand or, is it just so common that we all expect a pistol to feel like a 1911?” Personally, once I got over the “odd” angle of the Glock grip frame, found that it points better for me than does any 1911. Here is a little test… with your arm hanging at your side make a fist. Now bend your arm to raise that fist to your shoulder. Now… quickly… thrust the fist forward and point at an object in front of you. That angle between the index finger and the line of your knuckles is the grip angle on a Glock. I think it is just more natural. As the picture above shows. I can shoot OK with a 1911… I just happen to like the Glock better.What do you think? Tell us why you like one or the other. But be nice about it.


  1. Granted, my first gun was a present from my father-in-law, a Colt 1911 with a sweet trigger job. As a pretty new shooter, I found that I was more accurate with the trigger of my 1911 then of a G23 I rented. If I quickly pull my 1911 up from a low ready position, it pretty much hits what I am aiming at. It took about 40 rounds, but I started to get pretty accurate with the G23. I am new enough to know enough to be dangerous, but I seem to point both okay. For a newbie like me the trigger made the biggest difference.


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