The Legalities of Class III Firearms

The Abraxas suppressor by AWC was developed for the United States military.
The Abraxas suppressor by AWC was developed for the United States military. For civilians, a suppressor can improve shooting skills, and you don’t have to wear ear plugs.

We are taught to double tap for the most effective stopping result even with a carbine. I believe the military employs the three-shot burst for this reason. The triple tap effectiveness is still available with greater efficiency of ammo. I have also shot MP-5s that have full-auto and three-shot bursts. The three-shot burst adds to the effectiveness of the pistol round for stopping power. And I really like the diagramming on the selector switch for the MP-5.

Because of cost, I would not get into one of these weapons for just normal defensive purposes. Unless you believe our terrorist enemies may one day resort to up close and personal combat on American soil I would trade out the select fire gun for a less expensive AR carbine. I bring up the terrorist thing because I don’t believe it is that far-fetched. Ever notice that in terrorist training films they are always shooting at cars, people targets, and other ground targets with machine guns and RPGs?

Know all the NFA rules that apply to the weapon you want to own. These rules are plainly written in a confusing manner. This means they are subject to interpretation. Ask questions of your dealer and the ATF if you have any concerns.

It is better to get these laws right the first time, and if you are of the “it’s better to ask for forgiveness” crowd, you will end up with an upside down smiley face and likely a criminal record. There is very little forgiveness at ATF, especially when it comes to machine guns. A good place to start is the ATF website. There is a downloadable information guide to NFA weapons.

It is really not that hard to transfer one of these guns if you aren’t a bad guy. The form is an Application for Tax Paid Transfer & Firearm Registration Form. One of the best ways to get one transferred is to go through a reputable Class III dealer like Ruben Mendiola of DealerNFA Inc. Whether you buy the gun from him or find one from a private owner who wants to sell it to you, you will need to do the transfer before possessing it.

A dealer is not necessary for a sale of a legally registered machine gun between individuals if it is an in-state transfer. The person buying the gun must submit a Form 4 to the ATF and get it back approved before taking possession. The dealers usually provide the paperwork as there are some areas on the form for them to fill out. This form, after it is approved, will be your permit to posses the gun.

Weapon Systems
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