Gun Digest the Magazine, January 7, 2008


Jan. 7, 2008 IssueGun Digest is the source for firearms news, pricing and guns for sale. Readers benefit from in-depth editorial expert advice, show reviews and practical how-to instructions. Subscriptions are the First Amendment way to stand up for your Second Amendment rights. Click here to begin your subscription to Gun Digest.

Inside this Issue:

• In the world of combination guns, Dan Shideler  writes, the Staggs-Bilt 20-.30-30 falls squarely into the “that’s odd” category.

• Doublestar makes two fine patrol carbines that will stand up to anything an officer can throw at them, says Kevin Michalowski.

• The NRA awards $10,000 in scholarships.

• Three great books talk about what soldiers carry today and in years past.

• Bryce Towsley shares his insight on the quality of aftermarket stocks. There is something better than wood for your rifle.

• There’s plenty of great new gear for shooters and hunters.

• Dave Workman loves the Diamondback. This is a snake everyone should own.

• When it comes to the AK vs. the AR, Charlie Cutshaw opts for the AK. Find out why.

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